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Filming at Welgevonden


Partnership with Sediba

Now Filming at Welgevonden

We are excited to share some incredible news with you, that will showcase the captivating beauty of the Welgevonden Game Reserve, its plethora of wildlife, and our beautiful lodges.

Together with Wild Earth TV, we have secured a partnership between the Welgevonden Game Reserve, Sediba Luxury Safari Lodge and two additional lodges, which entails hosting the film crew and a naturalist from Wild Earth to commence daily filming from 18th June 2024.

Broadcasting of the footage will take place on all of Wild Earth’s global channels, encompassing an immense audience of around 7 million. Furthermore, all footage will be available for us to utilise on our individual marketing and social media platforms.

This new venture represents a phenomenal opportunity for all of us, creating worldwide exposure to the Welgevonden Game Reserve, Sediba, and partnering lodges.

We look forward to collaborating with Wild Earth TV to create outstanding content for viewers everywhere, through all these relevant channels and platforms.

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